In the medium !

“Do you see a tilt in favour of consumption- and banking-related sectors, as the impact of note ban fades?” 

Happens to be in the medium of #IOT !

While for other viable medium one ratio got amiss…. !

And similarly “Obsolete” (surprisingly enough the word happens to “regain” in medium).

Criticism can’t be done away with or lest where is the scope of improvement?

Said that !

But yes # humanism ask not for indifference , hence….

“No to RT ” decorum is maintained for similar reason.

For there have been hardly any decorum to humanism being maintained and not that #AIcivicsense of indifference which happens to be awfully quiet.

And there happens to be vision and mission of organizations seemingly speaking of global recognition guided by high standards of governance and ethics. In all business the first step is to go through the vision and mission of it.

While what happens to be “Human resource” and organizations speak thus:.

“I will speak to a youth (considerably millennials) which can accomplish everything precisely because it accepts no past, obeys no present & fears no future.”

[from the medium of #IOT in collaboration with other viable medium where it is hoped that both turns out to be #humanist]

Yup, can be considered as #MOOCs.

So Obsolete?? Yes! (with whatever decorum being maintained)  although #Humanism will not agree to that !


Obsolete too happens with time for nobody knows “How much long for change?”

And surely with the change word : new in #IOT  is this.

After reading this it does feel easy to understand the emotions one goes through and it does feel regretful if anything wrong comes over in the medium of #IOT. (when we speak #humanist /emotions part of it ).

And medium (any!) thinks none in #humanist policy.


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